Friends, it's our second anniversary! A big thanks to all speakers and members for help grow this community. We have come a long way starting from 6 members to now a 600+ member group. Do join us for this special occasion to celebrate and cut the cake.

We are also doing couple of lightning talks for this meetup, and depending on the interest, we will follow up with a deep dive on these topics. 

1) Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS)

Speaker: Donnie Trumpower
Donnie has been in IT for almost 20 years now and have been with Cardinal in the Business Productivity team for almost 2 years.  Spent the previous 14 years in the utilities field as a developer, tech lead and architect. Focusing mainly on Microsoft technologies but working on waking up my Linux skills from years ago. Primarily focused on IaaS solutions, but still like to work on the Dev side in my spare time.

Talk Overview:
-  What is OMS?
-  What can it do for me and my business?
-  How to get started
-  Additional resources

2) Azure API Management

Speaker: Dan Putt 

Dan is a Senior java developer for Cardinal Solutions with experience up and down the stack.  When not writing code he enjoys riding motorcycles, getting lost, learning photography, and most of all being a new dad. 

Talk Overview:

A quick discussion about how Azure API management can be utilized to publish, document, secure, and monitor your apis published anywhere

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