Azure Resource Manager (ARM) brings a new look into the infrastructure that supports our application's environment, we do not think of our applications,VMs, SQL Servers, Storage... as silos anymore but rather a group of resources that deploy as a single entity and share the same lifetime.


ARM allows us to define an Azure infrastructure-as-code by authoring JSON templates. This might seem like a little thing, but capabilities like these are at the heart of the new ALM transformation. We'll be integrating ARM infrastructure as part of the development of our software applications, how to code an Azure environment (Network, Security,infrastructure, VMs…) where our applications will live,then deploy all that as part of our application continuous deployment process to produce the same output every time with no last minute surprises.



• ARM Overview

• Design and Build Virtual Network using the portal

• Build Network Security Group and firewall rules using PowerShell

• Creating VMs using the portal and PowerShell

• ARM Template Deployment using Visual Studio and ALM Integration


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