Niraj Bhatt

Azure User Group Founder, Enterprise Architect - Cognizant 

I work as an Enterprise Architect for a Fortune 500 company and have an innate passion for building / studying software systems. I am a top rated speaker at various technical forums including Tech Ed, MCT Summit, Great Indian Developer Summit, Tech Days, Virtual Tech Days, etc.

I enjoy working on – IT innovations that impact enterprise’s bottom line, integration and architecture of systems, performance tuning, & review of enterprise applications with a specialized focused on enhancing team’s productivity.

When I am away from my laptop, you will find me taking deep dives in automobiles, pottery, rafting, photography, cooking & financial statements though not necessarily in that order

Zaid AlSafadi

Azure User Group Co-founder, Web Solutions Architect at SPX FLOW, Inc.

Software Engineer at heart and passionate about everything technology with hands-on experience in IT operations, network design , domain management, security standards, VM’s management, and all platform services needed for running production web applications.

Zaid has been designing and developing enterprise medical applications and web solutions for 13 years, focusing on Microsoft product stack. Experienced with applications architecture, infrastructure and application lifecycle management.

Lucky to have a lovely wife and our two daughters, I spend the rest of my free time -if any- on GitHub writing code, reading about new technologies, and speaking about Azure.

David Conner

Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft

I have been with Microsoft for over 25 years, most of the time spent in CSS as both Support Engineer and as an Escalation Engineer (for 18 years) supporting both Windows and Internet Explorer supporting both IT Pros and Developers.

I moved to PFE in 2013 and immediately was asked to join the team supporting NBC Sports in streaming all their events through Azure Media Services, including the 2014 Sochi Olympics and the 2015 Super Bowl.

I have a great deal of passion and interest around all things Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure, but, also have dabbling interest in the Azure Developer space.